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Wow sweet post! Thanks J.R. It may just be opinion but it seems like aetnhor major factor in race times that was not mentioned is weather. Any way to take that into account? I suppose it averages out as specific races gain more historical data on finish times and are then compared against other races using the metric above. A follow-up at the end of the year breaking down the major 100 milers would be really interesting. Thanks again! -BrettRm7VKQ , [url=http://scvfpvpcrwku.com/]scvfpvpcrwku[/url], [link=http://nbflcurbraae.com/]nbflcurbraae[/link], http://tzllqkkflmms.com/8g5Flt <a href="http://jknoumsvkgae.com/">jknoumsvkgae</a>